Current Issues

These are current issues that the Marin Chapter of CNPS is following, and may have submitted comments on, because of their potential impact on California native plants especially in Marin County. 

Marin CNPS commended the Marin Open Space District for preparing a Draft Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan that would commit the County to take extensive action to halt and rollback threats to native plant habitats such as the spread of exotic invasive plants. The Chapter also identified additional issues that the forthcoming environmental impact statement should analyze.

Marin CNPS commented on a recent Draft Tiered Program Environmental Impact Report (DTPEIR) for the Road and Trail Management Plan prepared by Marin County Parks and Open Space District.  The Chapter praised aspects of the Plan that would reduce impacts on native plants and identified additional issues the DTPEIR needs to address.

Marin CNPS criticized the California State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection Vegetation Treatment Program Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report for taking a one-size-fits-all approach to fire management that ignored the uniqueness of Marin’s Mt. Tamalpais' great biodiversity.  The Chapter also identified a series of questions the EIR needs to address.

Marin CNPS commented on the Draft’s Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the 2008 Easton Point Residential Development and identified potential environmental impacts and mitigations that the DEIR inadequately addressed relating to special-status plant species and sensitive native grasslands on the Tiburon Peninsula.