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Recent Wildflower Reports

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February 22, 2015

Shannon Burke led a hike for Marin County Parks at Mt. Burdell.
Although there were a few of the rare Fritillaria liliacea (fragrant fritillary), they were not at their best, but other flowers were in bloom including Taraxia ovata (Sun-cups), Collinsia sparsiflora var. collina (hillside collinsia), Cardamine californica (milk-maids), Lomatium macrocarpum (glabrous-petal hog-fennel), and Sidalcea malviflora (checker-bloom).

Text and photos by Vernon Smith.

Taraxia ovata

February 13, 2015

Doreen and Vernon Smith visited Mt. Tamalpais and saw the following species, among others, in bloom at various locations.

In the vicinity of Throckmorton Fire Station and the start of the Gravity Car Road, there were Toxicoscordion fremontii (FreŽmont's zigadene or death-camas), Ceanothus cuneatus var. cuneatus (Buck Brush), Ceanothus foliosus var. foliosus (Indigo Bush), Cynoglossum grande (Hound's Tongue), Lomatium dasycarpum (Hairy-petal Hog-fennel), and Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior).

Along the Verna Dunshee trail near the West Peak, there were Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. cushingiana (Eastwood's manzanita - non-glandular form), and Castilleja foliolosa (Chaparral Paintbrush).

Along the Fairfax-Bolinas Road, on the grade down to Bolinas Lagoon, there was a fine stand of Iris douglasiana (Douglas iris).

Text by Vernon Smith.
Photos by Doreen and Vernon Smith.

Toxicoscordion fremontii
FreŽmont's zigadene or death-camas

February 1, 2015

A trip to the Bull Point area of Point Reyes by Doreen and Vernon Smith yielded some early flowering plants.
There was a nice selection of Blennosperma nanum var. robustum which is the rarer variety of sticky-seed, and is larger than the more common Blennosperma nanum var. nanum. (see Plant of the Month for January 2015).
A good display of Nemophila menziesii (baby-blue-eyes) was also seen, and
a few Calandrinia ciliata (red maids) were flowering.

Text and photos by Vernon Smith.


Blennosperma nanum var. robustum
(Point Reyes Blennosperma)

January 31, 2015

Doreen Smith reports that at Mt. Burdell, near the San Carlos trailhead, the Toxicoscordion fremontii  (Frémont's zigadene or death-camas) is  in fine bloom.
There were masses on the serpentine. The last time that it was like this was back in 2005.
Sadly it looks like gophers ate the Fritillaria liliacea bulbs.
There was not much else in bloom yet except a few Blennosperma nanum, two Lomatium macrocarpum  and some  Dichelostemma capitatum .

Text by Doreen Smith.
Photos by Doreen and Vernon Smith.


Toxicoscordion fremontii
Frémont's zigadene or death-camas

January 21, 2015

Doreen and Vernon Smith have seen the following plants blooming in Marin recently.

In China Camp State Park, near the Group Campground, they saw Umbellularia californica (California bay-laure), and Arctostaphylos manzanita ssp. manzanita (common manzanita), many of which were a beautiful pink color.
At the Big Rock Trailhead, on Lucas Valley Rd, they saw Blennosperma nanum var. nanum (common Blennosperma), which is the featured Plant of the Month for January.
At a pull-out along Lucas Valley Rd, they saw Aristolochia californica (California pipevine), and Ribes californicumi (California gooseberry).

First photo by Doreen Smith. Other photos by Vernon Smith.

Umbellularia californica (California bay-laure)