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Plant of the Month

Erigeron biolettii (streamside daisy) Photo by Vernon Smith

Erigeron biolettii (streamside daisy)

Madia elegans Photo by Vernon Smith

Madia elegans (common Madia)

Lessingia micradenia var, micradenia (Tamalpais lessingia)

Gilia capitata ssp. chamissonis Photo by Doreen Smith

Gilia capitata ssp. chamissonis (blue dune gilia)

by Doreen Smith

Clarkia concinna ssp. raichei (Raiche's red- ribbons) Photo by Vernon Smith

Clarkia concinna ssp. raichei (Raiche's red- ribbons clarkia)

by Doreen Smith

Montia diffusa (diffuse montia) Photo by Doreen Smith

Montia diffusa (diffuse montia)

by Doreen Smith

Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior) Photo by Vernon Smith
Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior)
by Doreen Smith
Blennosperma nanum var. nanum (common Blennosperma) Photo by Vernon Smith
Blennosperma (stickyseed)
by Doreen Smith
Viola adunca ssp. adunca Photo by Doreen Smith
Wild purple- blue violets (native and introduced).
by Doreen Smith
Dittrichia graveolens (stinkwort) Photo by Vernon Smith
Dittrichia graveolens (stinkweed)
by Doreen Smith
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