2013 Plants of the Month

Petunia parviflora Doreen Smith
New Plants for Marin Flora
by Doreen Smith

Just because Marin Flora was recently revised (in 2007) doesn't mean that new species of plants cannot be discovered, possibly by any of you. The drying shores of Stafford Lake reservoir, west of Novato, have offered unusual-for-Marin flowers even in late summer and fall.

Solidago elongata, Vernon Smith
Marsh goldenrod, (Solidago elongata)  –  and other similar goldenrods
by Doreen Smith

"In the drying marshes of Pt. Reyes, such as along the western parts of the Abbotts Lagoon trail, marsh goldenrod, Solidago elongata, is often abundant in early September. It is often seen flowering in showy yellow masses. The inflorescences are much larger than those of the other two true goldenrods of Marin County, Solidago spathulata and Soldago velutina ssp. californica.

Chorizanthe valida Vernon Smith
Chorizanthe valida  (Sonoma spineflower)
by Doreen Smith

This is one of the rarest plants in the world now found as a natural population only on Point Reyes National Seashore. There is some doubt that the original type specimen really came from Sonoma County and it is possibly a Marin endemic. Sonoma botanists need to check for it near Duncan's Mills to refute this statement!

Agoseris apargioides eastwoodiae Vernon Smith

Lets hear it for our native dandelions! Agoseris apargioides var. eastwoodiae and more
by Doreen Smith
Arctostaphylos canescens ssp. canescens Doreen Smith

Arctostaphylos canescens ssp. canescens
by Doreen Smith