Gardening Resources

Many local nurseries carry some California native plants. The nurseries listed here are ones that specialize in California native plants.  Most have online plant inventories on their websites.  Because online inventories may not fully reflect current stock available, we suggest that before making a trip to buy a plant based on plant inventory on a nursery's website, you make a call to confirm that the nursery still has the plants you want. 

The Bay Area has several public gardens that display California native plants.  Here is information on their location, hours and admission policies. 

Here are some useful websites for native plant gardeners in the Bay Area.  Today, there is no need to go from nursery to nursery looking for a particular plant.  Plant inventories for most native plant nurseries are now online.  The web is also a good source of horticultural advice and information about what native plants are adapted to particular conditions and plant communities. 

Books on Gardening with California Native Plants

The growing popularity of using native plants in the garden is reflected in the number of recent books on gardening with California native plants.  Here is a list of both recent and older books that provide a wealth of information on creating a California native garden, selecting the right native plants for specific garden sites and maintaining the native garden.