Chapter Meetings

Chapter Meetings

The Chapter's meetings take place eight times each year on the second Monday of the month (January through June plus October and November). The meeting starts at 8:00 P.M. and generally last about an hour-and-a half. There is a welcome and sale session starting at 7:30 and an optional, no-host dinner with the speaker at 5:30 (details below).

5:30 p.m. Join friends and meet our speakers for a no-host dinner at Gira Polli of Mill Valley, 590 East Blithedale Ave. at Camino Alto. Please call Gerd or Kristin Jakob at 415.388.1844 at least one day ahead to be assured of a seat with our group.  (here's a map showing Gira Poli's location)
7:30 p.m. Meet at the Redwoods retirement home, 40 Camino Alto, Mill Valley. Books, posters, and cards will be for sale before as well as after the meeting.
8:00 p.m. Presentation starts.

Bryum argenteum Stephen P. Rae

"Looking Down
- Mosses in the California Flora"

Guest Speaker: Stephen P. Rae, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                    

A journey into the world of mosses with side trips to rocks, tree, streams and fens. Dr Rae will explain how mosses differ from “real” plants and why you should be interested.

"2015 Botanical Highlights" of Chapter Members                              

January’s program will feature the botanical trips and activities of several of our chapter members, including a special presentation by Doreen and Vernon Smith: “Plant Safari Expeditions in 2015 on the Lands of the MMWD on Mt. Tamalpais.”

"Some Plants from the land of Linnaeus"
Guest Speaker: Eva Buxton

Carl von Linné, the King of Flowers, as he is known in Sweden, is sometimes called the Father of Botany. Linnaeus was convinced that God had created all species and that his own role was to classify plants by putting them in classes based on the number of stamens, and within the classes, in orders based on the number of pistils.

Monolopia major (cupped monolopia) on hillside Photo by Ryan O'Dell

"Vertic Clay Soil Endemic Plant Species of the Inner South Coast Ranges"
Guest Speaker: Ryan O'Dell

Learn about some of California's rich diversity of edaphic (soil-influenced) endemic plant species, including those restricted to physically and chemically extreme substrates. You've heard about the challenges of serpentine soil and gypsum-rich soil; come learn about vertic clay soils that present a unique extreme stress to plant growth and some f the plants adapted to this environment.

Chapter Meeting: 8 June 2015 William Jackson Hooker (by Thomas Herbert Maguire)

"Fathers and Sons: Famous Families in Western Botanical Pursuits"
Guest Speaker: Dr. Peggy L. Fiedler

Learn about some father-son duos who were famous botanist, including John & William Bartram, William Jackson and Joseph Dalton Hooker, and others. Understand better their roles in Western Botanical Science, Art, and Exploration.

No Meeting: July and August

There will be no membership meetings in July or August; look for notice of a September membership event in the September newsletter.

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