Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Joe Kohn and Ken Howard Memorial Scholarships
2015–2016 Academic Year

The Marin Chapter of the California Native Plant Society is pleased to offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students doing research on plant systematics, plant ecology, plant physiology, plant community restoration or other related botanical studies of native plants that grow in habitats in Marin County or other local habitats in Central and Northern California. Students researching topics related to native plant and native habitat conservation are especially encouraged to apply.

One $500 Joe Kohn undergraduate scholarship and one $1,500 Joe Kohn graduate scholarship will be available. In addition, one $1,500 Ken Howard graduate scholarship will be awarded. Only one application need be submitted per student.

Evaluation of student applications will focus on the stated purpose of the research, experimental design, and overall impression of the research project. Extra consideration will be given to proposals for work on one or more species that grow in Marin County, work to be carried out in Marin County, and work having special potential for improving conservation of California native plants or educating the public about them.

Applications must be postmarked by 1 April 2015. Awards will be announced at the May 2015 meeting of the Marin Chapter CNPS.